Social & Public Welfare Society

About Our NGO

The Social & Public Welfare Society is a non government organization based at Jaipur in India providing support services to the Poor Indian families, medical facilities,development of slum area, provide help to handicapped people, rural development,Development of infrastructure facilities,Education & growth. Presently, Developed countries constantly developing but other hand developing countries specially INDIA could not achieve constantly growth rate as compare to developed countries due to illiteracy and unequally distribution of wealth.Presently all citizen of India want progress of their country, but some have not sources & opportunity but we have get through a society. Everybody can give their contribution to the society for progress of country. We hope that everyone do same as above.Youth generation can play a vital role in progress of any nation. We expect, everybody contribute heartily in our mission. .

Come forward and help us to achieve our objectives.
  • Objectives Of Society

    (1) To provide medical facilities,
    (2) To Provide help for poor sector,
    (3) To Provide help in disaster and emergency situations,
    (4) To provide shelter/ home for helpless old persons,
    (5) To provide assistance in research work,
    (6) To Provide assistance is education field,
    (7) Development of slum area,
    (8) To provide help to handicapped people,
    (9) Rural development,
    (10) Development of infrastructure facilities,
    (11) Environment conservation and pollution control programs
    (12) Women development programs.

Contact Us At.

Social & Public Welfare Society
2nd, Floor, P-9, Triveni Tower, Uniyaron Ka Rasta, Chandpol Bazar,
Jaipur-302001, Rajasthan INDIA. Ph. 091-141-2314009 M. 09828921463
Email: amitagarwal_acc@yahoo.com

For Direct Deposit in Our Bank, Our Bank Details is:-

Bank Name- State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
Account No.- 61121734860
Branch – Chandpol,Bazar, Jaipur
IFSC Code: SBBJ0010025